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Palo Santo Kit 天然秘魯香薰木套裝

Palo Santo Kit 天然秘魯香薰木套裝

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Palo Santo (Holy Wood) is a fragrant South American incense wood traditionally used for therapeutic, spiritual purifying, energy cleansing and healing purposes. Its heavenly aroma is a woody and enriching scent with hints of citrus. 

This trio of palo santo provides energetic protection, removes negativity, uplifts your spirit and fills your home with blessings.

Kit Includes:
Palo Santo Wood (5 sticks)
Palo Santo Aromatherapy Mist (20ml)

Palo Santo Wood Bracelet


- Palo Santo Wood
The precious, aromatherapeutic wood is harvested from naturally fallen branches off the Palo Santo tree in Ecuador/ Peru—it’s clean, eco-friendly, and smells amazing. 

Tip for Use: Light the end of the stick and allow to burn 30-60 
seconds, then blow out the flame.

- Palo Santo Aromatherapy Mist
A soothing mist for mindful calm, stress relief and simulating the experience of cleansing with burning Palo Santo wood. This everyday mist is a must for your skin toning properties.

- Palo Santo Wood Bracelet
Enjoy a peaceful, clearing and positive energy anytime with a Palo Santo Bracelet. Palo Santo beads naturally give an uplifting and pleasant aroma, it helps to bring the wearer good luck and promote good vibes as they are great for clearing energies and raising vibrations.


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