Basic Body Care 基本身體護理套裝
Basic Body Care 基本身體護理套裝
Basic Body Care 基本身體護理套裝

Basic Body Care 基本身體護理套裝

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Basic Body Care

This duo is the perfect way to enjoy a simple and natural body care experience. Rich in different types of natural oil and butter, the soap and body oil are the best for providing a glow.
After showering with the handmade soap, apply the body oil to damp skin of the body and gently massage in a circular motion until absorbed.

Kit Includes:
Lavender Calendula Soap Bar (200g)
Lavender & Rosemary Body Oil (120ml)


- Lavender Calendula Soap Bar
Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, irritated and reactive skin.  
Hydration and smoothness to the skin.
Anti-septic and helps produces supple, vital skin.
Calming and relaxing.

- Lavender & Rosemary Body Oil
Nourish your skin with this gentle, moisturizing, and non-greasy oil blend.
The beautiful scents of rosewood, jasmine, rosemary and lavender help with relaxation, stress relief and improving sleep.